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We want to change the world for the better anywhere we can and are able to do it.

Discover our mission

For 20 years, FLOWAIR has based its operations on innovation, experience, and industrial design. We are aware of technological, climate, and economic change, which is why we are constantly setting new directions for development. 

Our mission is clear - we want to be a leading supplier of efficient solutions for large-volume buildings. We wish to find ever better solutions to improve the efficiency of heating and ventilation systems. We implement state-of-the-art technologies that allow for optimised use of resources, at the same time protecting the natural environment. We are aware of the role we play in building a sustainable future and we are striving to minimise the impact of our operations on the planet.

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Cooperation and partnership building are important values to us. We are committed to building long-term partnerships with our clients, suppliers, and other business partners, based on mutual trust and common goals. 


People are always central to our interests.


Our values

Our strategy is based on four pillars: people, environment, innovation, and education. They constitute the foundation of our business activities, which comply with the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals. Our values are reflected in smart and energy-efficient solutions and in the extensive support offered to our clients at each stage of the implementation of investment projects.

Wzornictwo przemysłowe

Wzornictwo przemysłowe pozwala przemyśleć od początku potrzeby, jakie stoją za produktem, jego konstrukcję, materiały i sposób użytkowania… i co za tym idzie, pozwala wprowadzać innowacje.

Nie boimy się ciekawych form wzorniczych i zastosowania ich w naszych projektach. Nasza działalność opiera się na tworzeniu niestandardowych, kompleksowych rozwiązań zastrzeżonych wzorami przemysłowymi. Cyklicznie wprowadzamy szereg innowacji, wyznaczając nowe trendy w branży.

wzornictwo przemysłowe
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Awards and distinctions

Since 2003, we have been working passionately in the HVAC field, emphasising the importance of good design, business ethics, and innovative solutions. Our hard work and commitment have been recognised by the industry, design, and business circles multiple times, which is evidenced by multiple awards and distinctions in our portfolio.

We have won i.a. the Delta award awarded by the Polish Ventilation Association, Gazele Biznesu, Good Design, Innovation of the Year, as well as the prestigious IF Poduct Design for the LEO FS devices, the OXen unit and Slim curtains, as well as the Reddot Award, known as the design Oscar, for the OXen heat recovery unit and the Luna heating and cooling unit.  

The numerous awards and distinctions that we have received are expressions of recognition for our efforts in pursuing excellence in the design, production, and delivery of HVAC products.

FLOWAIR is first and foremost about people

We are a group of energetic, ambitious people who are passionate about discovering new technologies and developing better solutions. At FLOWAIR, we value every opinion and every idea. We believe that every person can make a valuable contribution. We value people who share their creativity and ingenuity. 

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A Polish company with international experience

FLOWAIR is a company with a global reach that has placed a strong emphasis on its development on international markets since its inception. Being present in more than 42 markets, we have gained valuable experience and have become familiar with diverse needs, technical requirements, and competition in these markets.

Our wide product range and ability to flexibly adapt to different needs allow us to propose modern and best solutions. The in-depth expertise in the HVAC industry means effective operations in the international environment and the ability to meet the needs of our clients around the world.

Together we promote the zero-waste idea

"Zero waste" is a lifestyle according to which people strive to generate as little waste as possible, and thus avoid polluting the environment. All rejected materials can become resources.

We want to use all that has already been produced and we seek to prevent the generation of waste at its source. Therefore, by re-using resources obtained from the recycling of equipment we save natural resources of the Earth.

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