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We support designers for almost 20 years

Access FLOWAIR project support

Professional knowledge and years of experience are necessary for designing effective HVAC systems. As part of Project Support we will help you select devices and arrange them in the project, we will share technical knowledge, and, if necessary, offer a customised solution, tailor-made to meet all the client's specifications. 

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Design following the zero waste principle, and change the world with us.

Do you know that by designing HVAC systems solutions you can reduce energy consumption by 20 to 35% per facility? Combining the operation of the devices into a single SYSTEM allows not only for designing the exact number of devices required to maintain thermal comfort in the building but also for ensuring that, thanks to smart control, the devices work only when necessary, generating no redundant energy consumption and reducing the carbon footprint of the facility.

What can you get from us?

We have a complete library of CAD/REVIT files with device design blocks. Most of these files can be accessed directly on our website. Contact us if you need help arranging the devices in the project.

We will prepare a full concept of selection with operating parameters and a technical description of the selected devices, automation and modes of operation.

We will prepare full block diagrams required to connect the SYSTEM FLOWAIR automation.

Each device comes with full technical documentation. Depending on requirements, we can provide other attachments, for example, diagrams, catalog cards, descriptions, and drawings.

As part of project support, we will prepare CAD / PDF files with the arrangement of devices and the ideal control concept - SYSTEM FLOWAIR layer.

Each project is a full offer with a cost estimate statement to be presented to an investor or a contractor. The collaboration can involve the verification of the project in terms of legal regulations, efficiency, and correctness of the selection.

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Shared goal

The project constitutes one of the initial stages of the investment. Even at this point, it is important to consider multiple elements that will ensure thermal comfort for the final user of the facility. The investor's satisfaction is the goal that we want to achieve. 

A properly designed SYSTEM means investment and operational savings, and elimination of risk. FLOWAIR smart heating and ventilation solutions guarantee the reliable operation of devices for the investor.

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How can we help you?

Support at each stage of HVAC installation design. If you have any questions, you can always contact a dedicated Project Support engineer in your region.